WETT Plumbing services drain, water & gas systems repair, inspection and testing WETT Plumbing services drain, water and gas systems WETT Plumbing services drain, water and gas systems


What do we offer and how much does it cost?
  1. Annual Pipe Clean
    $ 185 Web Site Booking $165
    We jet wash main drain from home ground level clean out to street.
  2. Electric Water Heater Service
    $185 Web Site Booking $165
    Electric water heater Not producing hot water. We will get your water heater up and running again.Replace element and T-Stat
  3. Emergency Call Out
    $ 127.50
    Emergencies happen with no warning! So we are here for you.
  4. Plumbing System Inspection Report
    $385 Web Site Booking $360
    We check the entire plumbing system of the home and give you report card.
  5. Backflow Preventer Testing
    $215 Web Site Booking $180
    Test inspection of backflow preventer up to 1".
  6. Bio Ross
    Bio Ross is a monthly maintenance product that will keep your drains flowing.
  7. Rootrol Root Eliminator
    ROOTROL is the wonder-working chemical for eliminating ROOT and FUNGUS growth.
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  1. Jet Wash Vent and Drain
    We provide professional jet washing services to break up and flush out the buildup inside of your vent and drain lines. $325 Web Site Booking $300
  2. Sewer Cable Drains
    We provide Sewer Cabling to break up and cut through the tough clogs in your Drain Lateral lines. $185 Web Site Booking $170
  3. Drain Video Inspection
    We provide a Video Inspection of your drain lines to find breaks or obstructions in your sewer drain line. $355 Web Site Booking $310
  4. Electronic Leak Location
    We provide Electronic Leak Location to pinpoint where a leak is in your water supply line. We not only locate the leak but we will make repairs to water line. $385 Web Site Booking $350
  5. New Construction Plumbing
    We provide free estimate for your new construction project, large or small projects, all accepted.
  6. Remodeling Projects
    We provide free estimates for all your remodeling projects for kitchen, bath and laundry rooms.
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