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Residential Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreement 
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This WETT Plumbing LLC. Preventive Maintenance Agreement will assure that your home’s plumbing system will provide years of efficient service, comfort and peace of mind. Prior to acceptance of this Agreement a WETT Plumbing LLC. technician will inspect the covered plumbing system to determine if repairs are necessary to bring your plumbing system to an acceptable maintainable condition, home owner will be responsible for the charges for these repairs at discounted rates. Once accepted, this Agreement will be valid, in affect and renewable annually until such time the covered system can no longer be maintained as determined by WETT Plumbing LLC.
This Agreement provides for an one time annual service maintenance inspection during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, excluding holidays.
WETT Plumbing’s discounted rates during normal business hours Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm is ($75).
WETT Plumbing’s discounted rate for after hours and holidays is ($100).
Service can be requested by calling our office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays at 337-376-9388 or emailing a request for service at [email protected]
When a service request is called in, a service fee of $75 will be due to technician upon arrival to perform work. This service fee will cover first hour under the premium plan.
Coverage in basic plan, is limited to components located inside of building envelope and foundation.
Under Premium plan, all plumbing components inside and exterior of home on property will be covered.
WETT Plumbing’s attention to your plumbing needs will be given priority over non-agreement Customer.                                                                                      
Service Maintenance Inspection

WETT Plumbing LLC. will perform the following Service Maintenance Inspection task once annually as they apply to customers plumbing systems:

Water Heater

Inspect water heater relief valve                                                       Inspect and test emergency Shutoff valve
Inspect burner assembly and thermostat                                    Inspect flue pipe for leaks and soot build up
Inspect gas connections                                                                          Check for proper combustion air intake
Record temperature settings                                                                                  Inspect electrical connections
Test Water Heater Thermostats and Elements                                Check and adjust hot water temperature


Inspect washing machine hoses for leaks and wear                                                           Inspect boiler valves
Inspect faucets for corrosion                                                                                  Inspect faucets for leaky seals
Inspect & clean aerators                                                                                                     Inspect all visible drains
Inspect and test emergency Shutoff Valves                                                  Inspect and test Pop-up Assembly


Inspect whole house for water & gas leaks                                Locate & test emergency gas & water valves
Inspect all gas connections                                                                      Inspect pumps (sump, sewer, laundry)
Check house water pressure                                                                                        Tub and Shower for cracks       
Inspect waste & overflow trip drain                                                                       Inspect faucets for corrosion
Visually inspect all exposed Water and Drain Lines                                  Locate &  Inspect outside cleanouts

Kitchen Sink

Inspect faucet for corrosion                                                                                    Inspect faucet for leaky seals
Inspect and clean aerator                                                                                                 Inspect all visible drains
Inspect & test all emergency shutoff Valves                                 Inspect disposal unit for leaks & corrosion


Inspect toilets and tanks for leaks                                                                  Perform dye test for tank leakage
Inspect and test emergency shutoff valve                              Inspect and test fill valve for proper operation
Service Maintenance Basic Coverage

WETT Plumbing LLC. will provide component parts and labor to repair the following items during normal business hours as they apply to customers plumbing equipment for a Service Fee of $75.

Kitchen and lavatory faucet standard internal components repairs                                                                             
Drain line blockages within foundation sewer cabled cleaned                                                 
Tub or shower fixture standard, internal components repair                                
Gravity toilet standard, internal components repair or replacement      
Electric water heater elements, thermostats, T&P relief and drain valve replacement
Gas water heater thermocouple, T&P relief and drain valve replacement
Under counter shut off valves replacements
Flex line replacements
Exposed drain p-trap lines replacement

Note: Standard components shall include, normally stocked items at local plumbing suppliers. The difference between standard and non-standard components will be provided for an additional charge.

Parts and Labor Premium Coverage

(Requires purchase of Basic Coverage) WETT Plumbing LLC. will provide labor at a discounted rate of $75 per hour to replace the following items, with a 10% discount on parts or materials, during normal business hours as they apply to customers plumbing equipment.
Replacement of Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucet Replacement Stems or Handles, Basket Strainer, Garbage Disposal, Under Counter Water Filter System, Lavatory Faucet, Lavatory Faucet Stem or Handles, pop-up assembly, Tub or Shower Valve, Tub or Shower Stem or Handles, Waste and Overflow, Shower Head, Tub Spout Shower Diverter, Toilet, Water Heater, Tankless Water Heater, Tankless Water Heater Parts, Sewer Ejector Pump and any Permits necessary to perform above mention plumbing parts replacement.
External Water piping and shutoff valves repair or replacement additional equipment fee will be charged if necessary.
External Sewer drain line stoppages Jet washed thru outside ground level cleanout additional $50 equipment fee.
Breaks in sewer line repairs or replacement additional equipment fee will be charged if necessary.

Note: This is just a partial list of covered items, all of the homes plumbing service equipment will be covered under this Premium Coverage Agreement.
WETT Plumbing LLC.
Residential Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreement                                                                            
(337)376-9388    2500 Jane St. New Iberia, LA 70563   www.wettplumbing.com

                                                                                                                       Service                       Parts & Labor                # of    
                                                                                                                 Maintenance                     Premium                Additions                  Total
                                                                                                               Basic Coverage                  Coverage

Plumbing System including 1 kitchen, 2 baths                                                                                                           
1-electric or gas tanked water heater and 1 laundry           $45                +                  $20                                                     =            
Each additional Kitchen                                                                         $5                   +                    $5              x                                     =
Each additional Bath or ½ Bath                                                         $5                   +                    $5               x                                     =
Each additional electric or gas water heater                            $5                    +                   $5               x                                      =
Each additional laundry                                                                         $5                    +                   $5              x                                       =
Each Tankless water heater                                                                $5                    +                    $5              x                                      =
                                                                                                                                                                   Agreement Total per Month          $

Payment Type                   Cash           Check #                   Credit Card Type

Signature                                                                Date                                            Print Name

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Signature                                                                Date                                            Print Name

_________________________________         _____________________      __________________________________
Cell Phone#                                                    Home Phone#                                                   Work Phone #

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Service Location Address                                                                                             Service Location Phone#

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Primary Residence Address (If other than above)                                                   Any Special Instructions

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Note: Please Print, Sign and Call Office @ 337-376-9388 to set up Inspection of your home.
Thank you!
Walter DeRouen